Saturday, June 18, 2011

Where She Went by Gayle Forman

First of all, how short/long was this book? I started reading it about 5 hours ago on my kindle and with just two breaks, I finished it. Tears and all.

I got teary-eyed a few times and cried twice, again. The first book was written from Mia's point of view and Where She Went was written from Adam's point of view. It takes place a few years after the accident.

I think I enjoyed reading it more from his perspective. Of course, I didn't anticipate that the story would have begun the way it did. I thought Mia and  Adam would be figuring each other out in their long distance relationship. I thought that the hardest struggle would be making time see each other since they she would be at Juilliard and he would be touring. I'm glad it did though. I love happy endings, sometimes I need them. But they didn't have their happy ending; I don't think it would made the impact it did.

Reading the book was a little difficult for me, anyone who has been dumped remembers what it feels like.

I'm from California and I liked that some of my favorite places were mentioned in the book. New York had some great places mentioned too and the scene on the Staten Island Ferry just about killed me, but at least, now I know how to see the Statue of Liberty from a different perspective.

The only gripe that I have really, is that the story starts present day or real time and then alternates chapters with memories. And I feel like I've played right into the author's hands, I WANT MORE, I WANT TO KNOW what is going to happen in order. I eventually appreciate it though, the story and the writing is amazing but feeling what the characters feel drained me a little.

There was something that I forgot to mention in the previous book. The classical music had such an effect on me. I found myself setting my Pandora account to "Yo-Yo Ma's" station and loved listening to it. I was able to 'hear' the music in the writing.

The excerpts of the songs were amazing, I only wish there was an actual soundtrack that accompanied the book! When I read the lyrics, I heard Incubus playing in the background, especially since they use all types of instruments like strings. But I think that Incubus was maybe not emo enough for Adam, so I could be wrong. But it's all about interpretation, and I like think that Brandon Boyd was singing Adam's lyrics.

I give the book 4 out of 5 sparkling stars.

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  1. Agreed! Definitely had a hard time reading it at first, feeling everything Adam was going through! But it was so worth finishing it and seeing their story through to the end.


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