Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm neither here nor there...but I'm usually reading

When I'm at work I want to read, blog, and write. When I'm home, I want to sleep and watch TV. I'd rather be doing something else, at all times. So weird. During work, I kept thinking about what I wanted to say about "If I stay." First of all, I think that I read it too fast. So fast that I couldn't even tell you some of the characters names. The truth is, I've learned so many names in the last couple of books (thank you Mortal Instruments) that the books are bleeding together.

 Ok, Mia, she's the main character, Adam, her amazingly affectionate/cool rocker boyfriend and Teddy. How could I have forgotten Teddy, Mia's little brother. I imagine he is the quintessential little brother, fun, enthusiastic, mature and hardly annoying. He even manages to tell his sister how pretty she is.

I really liked the story, but 20% in, I kept waiting for the "story," to "happen" until finally something DID happen, I felt like I rushed through the story and missed a lot of it, missed the point. There were no fantastic beasts, immortal creatures, space aliens or special serums, but there was a great story of a loving family with unique ideals. It was like a lightbulb turned on and I realized the story was happening the ENTIRE time. I was lucky enough to appreciate though and 30-100% I really did get it.

The story made think of my family and lack of for that matter, but I think that's what it's suppose to make you do.

I was sad, a lot during story, got teary-eyed and cried a couple of times, like literally choked up. The story was good and I look forward to reading the sequel, "Where She Went."

So this isn't so much a review as just my opinion and feelings about the book.

The writing was lovely and so...after investing two days into the book...I give it FOUR out of FIVE Stars*.

If I Stay by Gayle Forman ------- 4 out 5 sparkling stars

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