Sunday, December 4, 2011

Random Post

As everyone prepares for the holidays, finishes up their goodreads challenge goals, and tries to catch on reviews...I'd just like to thank anyone and everyone who has stopped by our blog. This is our seventh month blogging  and we honestly love it. Reading is such a huge part of our lives and we're so happy we get to share it with friends, family and virtual friends.

Stay tuned to the blog because we just love to give stuff away. When we reach 200 followers, we'll raffle off three signed hardcover yalit books that we purchased this fall at the Orange County Children's Book Festival. 

Thanks again for stopping by and leaving any feedback. If you have any questions, comments (we love comments), etc, you know how to reach us.

Happy Holidays!
Jenn & Mary

*Don't forget to enter our amazing Birthday Wishes and Paranormal Dreams ARC giveaway that ends Jan. 3, 2012!

**We also have a new poll up! Who is your favorite YA BFF?
There are so many main characters (MC) in YA books, but what about their BFFs? The ones who are there to listen and help the MC, make them laugh, give them a hug and sometimes drive the getaway car. Vote now for your favorite YA BFF. 

I'd totally drive @marymunar's getaway car ;)

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