Sunday, October 2, 2011

Orange County Children's Book Festival - 2011

Today, Mary and I attended the Orange County Children's Book Festival in Costa Mesa, CA. All of the panels and authors were really amazing. My favorite panels were "Keeping it Real" with Heidi Kling, Jessi Kirby, Lindsey Leavitt, Kristen Hubbard and Andrew Smith and "Paranormal Tendencies" with Emma Michaels, Inora Scott, Cindy Pon and Gretchen McNeil.

We got a great haul for some giveaways we'll be posting. We learned about some cool books that are on our "To Be Read" list if they haven't been there already (I've had my eye on Possess for a while and I know Mary has been itching to read Silver Phoenix).

The panels and author events ran very smoothly and we were cracking up a lot. We took a lot of photos and I hope you enjoy checking them out.

We got a ton of signatures and some SWAG courtesy of the authors. Whoever comments first on this blog post will receive some SWAG from today's event.

Thanks and Happy Reading!


  1. Thanks for the update. I was planning to go but got called away on family emergency. Sounds like it was fun.

  2. oh sorry to hear that, thanks for stopping by on the blog tho. I've got some bookmarks from today for SWAG, feel free to email me your address and I can send it out tomorrow :)

    happy reading!

  3. Jenn - It was fabulous meeting you today and very exciting to hear that you enjoyed the event!!!

    Can't wait to see the photos - Jose was everywhere and got some amazing shots...

    Robyn Hawk
    OC Children's Book Festival
    Teen & YA Author Wrangler


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