Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dark Days Tour - Huntington Beach

Mary and I are literally right here at Barnes & Noble in Long Beach. I know I say this a lot, but I seriously didn't think we'd ever get a chance to meet Veronica Roth! She's here, along with the awesome Aprilynne Pike (Wings), Dan Wells (Partials) and S. J. Kincaid (Insignia). Unfortunately, we had to drive like 80,000 miles to get here and sort of missed the beginning part of it, but at least we made it.

 Veronica = Chicago...yabooktwins = Los Angeles
Today = magic!

Ok, so we got a little bit of information, a reader asked them where they get the names for their characters.  Veronica said that Tobias was named after a character in a children's book series that she read and loved as a kid. 

Another person asked a GENIUS question, do they like Harry Potter? I mean, who doesn't? Some don't...I definitely do....but now we know that if Veronica Roth was to be placed in a house, she would be in "Huffleeeepuuuuuff," in case you couldn't tell, I was saying "Huffleeeepuuuuuff" like an announcer at a boxing match. (Yes, we are too excited)

We also learned that Dan Wells has a podcast, that I'm going to definitely add to my listening list. It's about tips and such for aspiring authors. It's called Writing Excuses, perfect, hunh?! I mean, I want to write a YA novel, I'm working on it right now. But there are days that I don't write...the tiniest excuse to not write and then I'm NOT writing. One of my favorite pieces of writing advice from successful, amazing authors is to "finish your book." And that's what I plan on doing. 

Well enough about me and my writing tangent. Mary and I are having a blast (even though line is CRAZY, for real). 

Here are some pics to tide you over. My hubby took tons of photos at and we'll be posting the rest. Looks like the lines moving along, we better go! 

Leave a comment! We LOVE comments...we'll have a giveaway (a hopefully autographed) ARC of Partials by Dan Wells. :) Either way, it could be yours!

Click here to view complete photos of the event. 


  1. Wishing I were there. Lucky you!!

    1. You were randomly chosen to win a signed ARC of Dan Wells' Partials. Please e-mail me your address if you would like to accept. Email: jennreadsfiction@gmail.com

  2. Wishing I were there. Lucky you!!

  3. i wanted to go to this but i had to work and it sounded like it would be crazy and too far to drive. glad you had fun though. looking forward to seeing the rest of the pics.


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