Monday, May 28, 2012

Get to know Jenn and Mary, the YAbooktwins

Ten things about Jenn by Mary

Jenn was the first female altar server in our parish church.  She called our favorite priest herself to beg for permission.  She also sang in the choir.

She reads books to her husband because she knows he'll love it but would never read them himself.  Sometimes, she makes him wait before reading the sequels. "If we have to wait, he has to wait."

Jenn loves all things Disney, Hello Kitty, and pink (though her favorite color is baby blue).

Her maltipoo, Bella (who do you think she's named after? Hint: the love of her life is pale, cold, and drinks animal blood), was so excited to see me, she pee'd on me. Twice.

When Jenn finds something extremely funny, her laugh seems to get stuck in her throat and comes out like a whistle.  Those of us who are used to this (because we're so funny ;)), call it tea-kettling.

When we go out of town, Jenn is usually the first one to wake up, at around 5am; But she knows not to pull the curtains open and risk the wrath of her grumpy girlfriends recovering from a good night.  She's so considerate.

When I was sick, Jenn was at work so she made her husband bring me soup and he reported back to her how awful i looked.

At Chipotle, where Jenn is a frequent customer, she only ever gets rice with steak (no sauce) and squeezes about 10 lemon wedges in there.  She also hates spicy food, an unfortunate characteristic given her Mexican background.  Her favorite food is actually sushi.  She has too many Asian friends.

Jenn was so impatient for her bff, a hairstylist, to give her a trim, she chopped it off herself in a fit of rage.  Said bff was left to repair the damage.

Jenn married her best friend.  They've been together for a hundred years.  And if you ask her if the kind of love people write about is real, she'll say "yes" and use her relationship with her husband as an example.

Ten things about Mary by Jenn

Mary is super family oriented, she has three brothers who she is very close to. Whenever they’re in a room together it’s hard to tell who is talking because they are all so loud and laugh the same. (Her brothers like to read books too, as a family, they can all agree to add Ender’s Game as one of their top faves)

Our group of friends get together a lot, we’re a lot like family and we have these crazy potlucks. Mary makes the best spaghetti (her mother’s recipe) and most delicious crème brûlée. Mary knows crème brûlée is not my favorite, so one day she made chocolate soufflé specifically for me and now I request it all the time! It’s SO good.

Mary has the memory of an elephant; she remembers everything about movies, books, music, (cough) stuff I’ve said.

I am a picky eater, and where I lack in trying new things, Mary is the opposite. She will and has tried a lot of sushi. Her favorites are handrolls. There isn’t much Mary doesn’t like, the only thing that I could get her to admit is that she isn’t fond of Maraschino cherries. She likes olives, mushrooms, etc., stuff people generally are picky about.

Our circle of friends are all really talented and creative. Mary, who is really humble and shy is really good at creating things has made us all bracelets, cute earrings and works on her own halloween accessories. This past halloween, she was a Circus Ringmaster (she is OBSESSED with Britney Spears) and made her own halloween mask, which she glued to her face.

Not only is Mary creative with making things, she also is an excellent makeup artist. She does special events, proms and weddings. She also did my wedding in 2010 and was responsible for making me presentable for my special day. I was so lucky! Also, our friends go to Vegas, a lot, she’s usually on makeup duty and our other bff is on hair duty, pretty convenient for the rest of us.

Mary has a lot of best friends but it’s obvious that her main squeeze is her Yorkie, Unagi. He keeps her company on many late nights when she’s reading. His favorite book is Starcrossed by Josie Angelini.

You know, when you read books and there’s a girl who is confident, pretty and funny? Well, that’s Mary, just super klutzy to this list and that’s her. She can wear really high heels, but has stumbled and fallen so many times while wearing flats, wedges and chucks.

When she was in high school, she learned to love British Literature (Austen's Persuasion is her favorite) but could be found reading YA. Her friend let her borrow The Secret Circle...and almost ten years later, it became a short lived TV show. Sadly to say, she was heartbroken when I told her that it was cancelled.

Mary’s has a secret wish, only her bffs know about it, and every Christmas she asks for it, “Immortality.” She is the youngest of our group so we kid about who old she’s getting. What she would love nothing more is to be young forever. So if you um, know any vampires, warlocks or secret potions. You can just e-mail her at :)

Jenn is reading How to Ruin a Summer Vacation by Simone Elkeles
Mary is reading Dreamless by Josephine Angelini

Tell us about your booktwin and what you're reading!

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  1. i don't think i have a booktwin but i do have book friends, for which i am grateful. what a super cute post. and mary, no maraschino cherries? sad, i love those radioactive things.


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