Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Author Events and Giveaway Opportunities

I am really excited about an author event I heard about on twitter, from @Novaren. On Sunday, August 7 at 1:30 PM, four amazing YA authors will be at an event at Once Upon a Time Bookstore in Montrose, CA.

  • Nova Ren Suma (Imaginary Girls)
  • Cindy Pon (Fury of the Phoenix)
  • Suzanne Young (A Need So Beautiful)
  • Holly Goldberg Sloan (I'll Be There)

I look forward to going to the event with my booktwin and purchasing some books to give away on our blog. If [you] follow or are following our blog before the event date (8/7), AND you enter the contest, you will have an extra advantage (+2) for a contest I'll be announcing on Sunday. The contest will be international again and open to those 13 years and older. Don't worry about having to keep track of all of the +1 points, we'll keep track of everything. (Followers after 8/7 will have a +1)

Anyone else able to attend the event this Sunday? (Please click on the link below for additional details) I've got to finish Imaginary Girls and A Need So Beautiful! :)

Meet YA Rising Authors: Nove Ren Suma, Cindy Pon, Suzanne Young and Holly Goldberg Sloan in Montrose, CA

Thanks to the authors and the lovely people at Once Upon A Time Bookstore in Montrose, CA.

Which books have you read so far?

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